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Polish actor features in Stranger Things

02.07.2022 12:11
Poland’s Marcin Harasimowicz has appeared in an award-winning global hit, Stranger Things, whose last episodes of the fourth season aired on Netflix yesterday.
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Known by his alias as Martin Harris, Harasimowicz is an actor, writer and producer living in the US. On the show, he played a role of a prisoner in three episodes of season four.

‘I’ve been trying to find a way into the show for four years and eventually I’ve succeeded,’ the actor told the Wroclaw.pl portal, as quoted by PAP.

This year has been successful for Harasimowicz. Before his appearance on Stranger Things, the Pole landed a supporting role in Stairs, alongside Colin Firth and Sophie Turner, and featured in Better Call Saul, which also garnered massive publicity.

Stranger Things is Netflix’s most-watched series. Set in the 1980s, its plot revolves around a fictional town in the US state of Indiana, which plays witness to a string of supernatural events.

Starring Winona Ryder and David Harbour, Stranger Things has become a pop-culture phenomenon.