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Artwork evacuated from Ukraine on display in Poland’s Poznań

28.11.2022 22:00
Thirty-four works by Polish symbolist painter Jacek Malczewski have been put on display at the National Museum in Poznań, western Poland, after being evacuated from the National Art Gallery in Lviv, western Ukraine.
Photo:PAP/Paweł Jaskółka

Exhibition curator Paweł Napierała has told the media that the two institutions planned various collaborative projects a year ago, but Russia's invasion of Ukraine thwarted these plans.

Soon after the outbreak of the war, the Poznań museum sent a team of experts to help protect art collections in Lviv, but more than two months ago it turned out that a part of the collection would have to be evacuated from Ukraine.

The paintings on display include Malczewski’s self-portraits, landscapes, and mythological and biblical scenes.

The exhibition is due to run until the end of March.

Born in 1854, Malczewski was the most outstanding representative of symbolism in Polish art at the turn of the 19th century. He died in 1929 in Kraków, southern Poland.

The Poznań exhibition brings into focus the issue of heritage protection, according to Napierała. In a television interview, he said that "the war has many faces."

He added: “Naturally, it is the people who are at the frontline, but as The Haque Convention says, the destruction of cultural objects is a war crime, and we, the museum people, want to draw the public's attention to the problem."

Spain also offered help in protecting Ukraine’s national heritage. Two lorries travelled 3,000 kilometres from Kyiv to Madrid, carrying 51 works by contemporary Ukrainian artists such as Oleksandr Bogomazov, Vasyl Yermylov and Victor Palmov.

They will be shown at the Thyssen National Museum in the Spanish capital at an exhibition entitled In the Eye of the Hurricane: Ukrainian Avant-Garde 1900-1930.


Source: polsatnews.pl