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Scorsese? Woody Allen? Polański? - Whose films will be going to Cannes?

29.03.2023 12:45
Tension is mounting as Cannes organisers discuss whose films will appear in Cannes this year. Scorsese's new film? The new films of the more controversial Polański or Woody Allen?
Roman Polański
Roman PolańskiPAP/Abaca/Nasser Berzane

Tension is mounting as to which major directors' work will be shown in Cannes this year.

Representing the festival organisers, Thierry Fremaux has told Variety that he hopes Martin Scorsese will be in attendance with his new film, "Killers of the Flower Moon".

There is still a question mark as to whether Roman Polański's new film "The Palace" will be coming to Cannes. Polański's reputation has fallen in France due to multiple sexual misconduct allegations which he denies. The entertainment press has even suggested that his case has provoked a French "MeToo" movement.

Woody Allen's film "Coup De Chance" (previously called "Wasp 22") is a more likely bet for Cannes. Fremaux says, diplomatically, that it is "more likely to be ready on time" than Polański's film.

Woody Allen's first French language film is also a safer bet as Allen's reputation in France is relatively unscathed - in contrast to his standing in the US.

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