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Polish Radio hosts Jewish Theater: Remembering The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

20.04.2024 09:26
The Polish Radio Theater and the Jewish Theater, on the occasion of the eighty-first anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, have prepared their second joint radio play.
Teatr Polskiego Radia
Teatr Polskiego RadiaPolskie Radio

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, which broke out on April 19, 1943, and lasted until May 16, was the first uprising in German Nazi-occupied Europe and the largest act of armed resistance by Jews in World War II. It is estimated that about 13,000 insurgents died in the ghetto during the revolt. Some surviving Jewish combatants later fought in the Warsaw Uprising, launched by Poland's underground Home Army (AK) on August 1, 1944.

To commemorate this historic event, Polish Radio together with the Jewish Theater have prepared a joint radio play based on the book „Shielding the Flame” by a Polish writer of Jewish origin Hanna Krall.

The book is based on an interview with a Polish Jewish cardiologist and social activist, Marek Edelman, who was one of the founders of Żydowska Organizacja Bojowa (Jewish Combat Organization) and the last surviving leader of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

"Shielding the Flame" remains one of the most meaningful texts written in Poland after World War II and the atrocities of the Holocaust.

A special radio play directed by Waldemar Modestowicz, Polish director of radio plays, theater performances, and dubbing, will be broadcast on Polish Radio's Program 1 "Jedynka" on April 20, just after 9 pm Polish time.

The Warsaw ghetto, established in April 1940, was the largest of the many ghettos that the Germans set up across Poland to isolate the Jewish population after invading the country in September 1939.


SOURCE: Polskie Radio