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US firm launches work to advance Poland’s nuclear energy programme

05.07.2021 06:30
US energy firm Westinghouse Electric Company has announced the launch of work under a grant from the United States Trade and Development Agency to progress Poland’s nuclear energy programme.

The company’s Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) project is expected to be a major step forward in bringing Poland’s nuclear energy programme closer to realization, executives have said.

The project is also one of the key elements in implementing an intergovernmental agreement between Poland and the United States to work together in developing a civil nuclear power programme, Westinghouse said in a statement.

It added that engineering and design work as part of the project would be mostly funded by the US government.

Poland's Secretary of State for Strategic Energy Infrastructure Piotr Naimski told the media earlier this year that the US government and businesses were working to come up with a nuclear offer for Poland.

"This offer will be presented to us at the end of the process, and it will be up to our government to consider and possibly accept it," Naimski said at the time.

Poland in October last year signed an intergovernmental deal with the United States to work together in developing nuclear energy.

Under the document, Poland and the United States are expected to come up with a joint report on the basis of which the Polish government will make a final choice of international partner to carry out a programme to develop nuclear energy in the country, officials have said. 

In June last year, the Polish and US presidents in Washington signed a joint statement under which the United States pledged to help Poland develop its civil nuclear power sector and 5G technology.

In June 2019, Poland and the United States signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in civil nuclear energy.

Poland's Naimski said in mid-2019 that nuclear power would account for around 20 percent of Poland’s energy mix by 2045.


Source: energetyka24.comfinance.yahoo.com