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Polish lawyer helps rescue female judges from Kabul

29.10.2021 15:30
When the Taliban took over Kabul in August, Poland offered places on its planes to people trying to leave Afghanistan from the local airport, where chaotic and drastic scenes had caused problems for evacuation efforts.
Anna Kruszewska
Anna KruszewskaPhoto: Hasik Rheims & Partners

At the time, a lot of attention was rightly focused on attempts to airlift Afghan interpreters and employees linked to US or EU missions there.

But far less attention was paid to the fate of about 250 female judges who faced great danger if they remained in their country.

Michał Owczarek talks to Warsaw-based lawyer Anna Kruszewska, who could finally reveal how she helped airlift a group of female judges from Kabul just after the Taliban recaptured the city.

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