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Rally against Russian fossil fuels in Poland’s capital

23.04.2022 10:12
The Polish capital city, Warsaw, has seen a throng of Polish and Ukrainian climate activists take to the streets in order to protest against the use of Russian natural resources, according to the Warszawa Nasze Miasto portal.
A protest against trade links with Russia
A protest against trade links with RussiaZuma/SplashNews.com/East News

On Friday, a group of protesters, united under the “Stop financing wars” slogan, set off from the German Embassy, marched on by the Polish Parliament’s lower house, to gather at one of the city’s main squares.

They urged European Union member states to completely bar import of Russian fossil fuels, whose sales are said to bring in some 900 million euros to Russia’s budget every day, the website wrote.

‘By means of buying oil, natural gas and coal, EU countries have transferred 35 billion euros to the Kremlin since February 24. Within the same period, they donated a mere one billion euros in humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine,‘ protest organisers pointed out.

They also added that the ‘fossil fuel industry always encourages violence’, which is the reason why it is crucial to call for a total ban on Russian resources.

The protest against the use of oil, natural gas and coal from Russia also aimed to mark April 22 as Earth Day, the website stressed.


Source: Warszawa Nasze Miasto