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Ukraine's Zelensky rejects call to concede territory to Russia

01.06.2022 18:00
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said his country will not concede any territory to Russia in exchange for peace.

In an interview with American news outlet Newsmax, Zelensky said: “We’re not ready to concede any of our territories, because our territories are our territories.”

Trading land for peace “is not something we can agree on,” he added.

Ukraine's stands as the "defensive perimeter" for the world against Russia and Vladimir Putin, and that means it cannot "concede anything," Zelensky told Newsmax.

He acknowledged that “there are some difficulties with some territories; there are some details, but all those difficulties, they could be discussed, and those discussions would be necessary to stop the war.”

According to Zelensky, Russia will run out of will to keep fighting in the southern and eastern regions of his country as the world aligns behind Ukraine’s sovereignty.

“Russia will not be able to control everything in Ukraine anytime soon,” he said. “And then there is only one solution: occupation by force. The negotiations could be there, but there has to be a sense, there has to be a willingness on the part of Russia to have those negotiations. So we're not ready to accept any ultimatums.”


Source: PAP, Newsmax