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Poland to boycott events attended by Russian diplomats: deputy FM

25.07.2022 12:30
A Polish deputy foreign minister has said his country will not take part in any meeting attended by officials representing Russia or Belarus, in response to the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine.
Paweł Jabłoński
Paweł JabłońskiWojciech Kusiński/Polskie Radio

Paweł Jabłoński told public broadcaster Polish Radio on Monday: “We believe that Russia should be totally isolated from all the international forums and formats where it can feature.”

He added: “We’ve made a decision that at events held in Poland, no matter what institution organises them, if representatives of Russia, and of Russia’s ally Belarus, attend them, our representatives won’t be there.”

Jabłoński also said: “Today, Russia is not a normal partner, it is an aggressor that violates international law.”

His remarks came as Russia's war on Ukraine entered its sixth month.

'Acts of destruction against' Polish memorial sites in Belarus

In his interview with Polish Radio on Monday, Jabłoński was also asked about recent acts of vandalism against burial sites containing the remains of Polish soldiers in present-day Belarus.

“These barbaric acts of destruction against memorial sites violate all standards,” Jabłoński said. “Poland is taking action by all the available means, but we must realise that when we’re dealing with someone who doesn’t respect any rules, there’s very limited scope for diplomatic measures.”

He added: “We in Poland look after memorial sites, including those that honour soldiers who did not fight for Polish freedom, because a cemetery is a place that deserves protection.”

Monday is day 152 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


Source: PAP, polskatimes.pl