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Poles donate over €2 bn to Ukrainians: audio report

02.08.2022 11:30
The Russian invasion of Ukraine has spurred a groundswell of international support for the embattled nation.
  • Interview with Piotr Arak of the Polish Economic Institute
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Pixabay LicenseImage by Michael Jahn from Pixabay

Besides massive aid from governments and global institutions, millions of individuals rushed to help the war-stricken country.

A recent report by the Polish Economic Institute, a state-run think tank, revealed that, in the first three months of the war, some 70 percent of Poles became involved in helping refugees from Ukraine, donating more than EUR 2 billion in total.

Radio Poland's Piotr Miszczuk talks with Piotr Arak, head of the Polish Economic Institute.

Piotr Arak Piotr Arak. Photo: PR24

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