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Degenerates will answer for their deeds: Zelensky

15.08.2022 10:58
'When evil escalates to such an extent, silence is almost tantamount to complicity,' Ukraine’s head of state said in his daily speech to the nation.
Ukraines head of state calls for punishing Russia and all its accomplices.
Ukraine's head of state calls for punishing Russia and all its accomplices.Facebook/Wołodymyr Zełenski

The Ukrainian president addressed Russian citizens by saying: 'No matter where you are, in Russia or abroad, you should voice your support for Ukraine.'

'If you hold a Russian citizenship and you don’t speak out about the war, it means that you’re in favour of it,' Zelensky stated.

He further added that the stronger Ukraine gets, the weaker Russia becomes, which can consequently bring the end of the conflict closer.

He also urged the West to take action towards holding Russia and its allies responsible for the atrocities against Ukrainian citizens.

'Everyone living in the free world should spare no effort in making those siding with Russia pay for the Kremlin’s terror,' he said.


Source: Rzeczpospolita