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Polish priest in Kharkiv shares perception of situation in eastern Ukraine

18.08.2022 23:00
Father Wojciech Stasiewicz who has served in eastern Ukraine since 2006 shares his observations and concerns for Kharkiv.
Russian night attack on Kharkiv
Russian night attack on KharkivPAP/dsns.gov.ua

Father Wojciech Stasiewicz, who comes from Lublin in the east of Poland but has served in eastern Ukraine since 2006, has expressed the concerns of people in Kharkiv where he is the Director of Caritas-Spes-Kharkiv.

He says that people are immediately concerned about possible Russian attacks to "commemorate" the Independence Day of Ukraine on 24 August, Wednesday next week.

Describing the overall situation in Kharkiv, Father Stasiewicz said on Wednesday (17th August) that, "Last night there were 11 rocket attacks, the night before 9. During the day, unfortunately, there is also intensified fire at transport infrastructure, production sites, factories as well as residential buildings."

Source: PAP