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Polish MEP slams attempts to ‘whitewash’ Russia’s image through sport

19.04.2023 17:00
Beata Szydło, a member of the European Parliament and former Polish prime minister, has denounced attempts to "whitewash" Russia's image through sport and slammed a recent decision to allow Russian athletes back into international competition as "a scandal."
Beata Szydło.
Beata Szydło.PAP/Piotr Polak

Szydło made the remarks during a debate in the European Parliament on Wednesday, Poland’s wpolityce.pl website reported. 

The discussion focused on “children forcibly deported from Ukraine and the International Criminal Court’s arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin,” according to officials. 

Russians 'seeking to Russify Ukrainian children

Szydło said that the International Criminal Court (ICC) deserved praise for indicting the Russian leader for the war crime of illegal deportation of Ukrainian children.

Poland’s former prime minister told fellow MEPs: “The mass kidnapping of Ukrainian children by the Russians mirrors the German actions in Poland during World War II.”

She added that ”Thousands of Polish children were deported by the Germans, by the occupier, and placed with German families to be Germanised.”

Szydło stated: “Now the Russians are seeking to Russify Ukrainian children.”

She told MEPs that “Putin's indictment by the International Criminal Court for this crime should be praised.”

The former Polish prime minister added that the international community “must be consistent in its actions" and “do everything” in order “to help and save Ukrainian children” and to ensure that they “return safe and sound to their families.”   

'We mustn’t accept attempts to whitewash Putin'

Szydło stressed: “We mustn’t accept attempts to whitewash Putin or stop regarding him as a criminal.”

She stated: “The fact that Russian athletes are being allowed back into international competition is a scandal and we should oppose this, as well.” 

Wednesday is day 420 of Russia’s war on Ukraine. 


Source: wpolityce.pl, dorzeczy.pl