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Poland opens health centre for refugees from Ukraine

08.05.2023 22:00
The Polish government has launched a new medical centre in Warsaw for refugees from war-torn Ukraine, news outlets reported on Monday.
The Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw.
The Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw.PAP/Radek Pietruszka

The new facility, called the Medical Assistance Centre for Refugees, has been established by the state-run Military Institute of Medicine (WIM), Polish state news agency PAP reported.

Gen. Grzegorz Gielerak, who heads the institute, told reporters that the Medical Assistance Centre for Refugees would “provide medical care to refugees and help define the scope and conditions of support for people fleeing war in the future.”

The Medical Assistance Centre for Refugees was created thanks to cooperation between WIM and doctors at the Jordanian Armed Forces, the PAP news agency reported.

Gielerak said that “the Polish and Jordanian armed forces cooperate closely” and hailed Jordan’s “unique and multi-faceted knowledge” about “the logistics of countering the effects of refugee waves.”

x Gen. Grzegorz Gielerak.   PAP/Radek Pietruszka 

The Medical Assistance Centre for Refugees offers paediatric care, internal-medicine care, gynaecological care, surgical care, psychological support, laboratory and imaging diagnostics and vaccination of adults and children, according to officials.

The facility is located at 128 Szaserów Street in Warsaw and is open from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Gielerak said that his Military Institute of Medicine would use the experience of running the centre to develop better ways to assist refugees in the future.

Monday is day 439 of Russia’s war on Ukraine.


Source: PAP, medexpress.pl, naukawpolsce.pl

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