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Poland donates police weapons, equipment to Moldova

01.06.2023 16:00
Poland has donated a shipment of weapons, ammunition and equipment to strengthen Moldova’s police force amid Russia’s attempts to destabilise the internal situation in that country, the Polish interior minister has said. 
Photo:Twitter/Mariusz Kamiński

Mariusz Kamiński announced the donation via social media on Thursday, public broadcaster Polish Radio’s IAR news agency reported. 

The Polish interior minister wrote on Twitter: “Independent and sovereign Moldova, which is resisting attempts to destabilise its internal situation, needs our support. And so I have decided to donate a huge shipment (carried by two Hercules aircraft and two Casa aircraft) of weapons, ammunition and equipment to the Moldovan police, from agencies affiliated with the Polish interior ministry.”

The equipment donated by Poland includes helmets, tactical vests and protection kits, according to officials.

Poland supports 'Moldova’s bid for independence from Russia'

Poland donated the weapons and equipment “in response to the need to strengthen the pro-European government in Chișinău and ensure the appropriate level of public security,” the Polish interior ministry said.

It is another package of assistance designed to help Moldova maintain its independence, according to officials. 

Earlier this month, Polish and Moldovan police held a joint counterterrorism exercise in Chișinău “as an expression of Poland’s support for Moldova’s bid for independence from Russia,” the Polish interior ministry said. 

Kamiński announced on Thursday that Poland had imposed sanctions on Ilan Şor, the leader of Moldova’s pro-Russian ŞORA party, the IAR news agency reported.

Moldovan authorities have issued a wanted notice for Şor, who is also responsible for organising pro-Russian street rallies "to destabilise the situation” in Moldova, the Polish interior ministry said. 

Thursday is day 463 of Russia’s war on Ukraine.


Source: IAR, PAP, gov.pl