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Ukrainian army praises Polish drones: report

20.05.2022 11:45
Ukraine’s top officials have praised the performance of Polish unmanned aerial vehicles in the war against Russia, according to a Polish website. 
The Poland-made micro loitering munition, Warmate.
The Poland-made micro loitering munition, Warmate.PAP/Leszek Szymański.

As it battles the Russian invasion, Ukraine is making use of various Polish-made weapons, including the kamikaze drone Warmate, tvp.info reported on Friday.


Results have been so good that Ukraine’s Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov has publicly praised the Polish unmanned aerial vehicles, tvp.info said.

He said in a tweet this week: “Poland is without a doubt Ukraine's best neighbour and ally. Poland's support is extraordinary. And Pioruns & Warmates in the hands of our Ukrainian army successfully destroy the enemy."

"A unique advantage" of the Warmate system is that it can be equipped with various payloads for its precision attacks, tvp.info reported. 

“Depending on the target, the Warmate’s payload can vary from thermobaric warheads to armour-piercing warheads,” said Remigiusz Wilk, head of communications at WB Electronics, the weapon’s Polish maker, as quoted by tvp.info. 

“We are happy that Ukraine’s defence minister appreciates the effectiveness of our systems,” he added.    


Another Polish drone used by Ukraine is the "equally flexible" FlyEye, also produced by WB Electronics, tvp.info reported.

This close-range unmanned aerial vehicle is designed for observation and data collection, according to the website.

The FlyEye "is difficult to detect in the sky" and has been used by Ukraine with success since 2015, tvp.info said.

Due to the Warmate and FlyEye's performance in Ukraine's war with Russia, “interest in our systems has grown enormously in recent weeks,” WB Electronics’ Wilk was quoted as saying.

Warmate and FlyEye for Polish army

Poland’s army is also set to receive the Warmate and FlyEye drones, among other equipment, before the end of the year, officials confirmed earlier this month.

Friday is day 86 of Russia’s war on Ukraine.


Source: tvp.infopolskatimes.pl