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Russian rocket attack injures 10 in Ukraine's Donetsk region

30.11.2023 13:45
A Russian rocket attack left 10 civilians injured, including four children, in Ukraine's eastern Donetsk region on Wednesday night.
Photo: PAP/Alena Solomonova

Five other people were missing, presumably trapped under rubble.

The attack involved the use of six S-300 type rockets targeting the areas of Pokrovsk, Novgorodivka, and Mirgorod, Ukrainian officials said.

In Pokrovsk, nine residential houses and several garages were demolished. Among the injured was a family with two children, and a 13-year-old boy, all of whom had to be rescued from the debris.

The attack resulted in extensive damage to property, including an apartment building, detached houses, a police department, and numerous vehicles.

In Novogradivka, an explosion destroyed a multi-story residential building.

Rescue efforts were underway for five residents believed to be trapped within the collapsed structure.

Officials confirmed that one child was injured in the area.

In Mirgorod, two rockets destroyed a police station, news outlets reported.


Source: IAR