German Death Camps

Adolf Eichmann - coordinator of the Final Solution

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Adolf Eichmann, 1942
Adolf Eichmann, 1942Foto: Wikipedia/CC BY-SA 3.0

1906–1962. The main coordinator and enforcer of the Final Solution to the Jewish Question. Member of the NSDAP and the SS.

He persecuted Jews even before World War II. He oversaw the transportation of German and Austrian Jews to Dachau and mass deportations. He participated in the Wannsee Conference, at which the decision on the Final solution to the Jewish Question was taken. Eichmann, as head of the Jewish section of the Reich Main Security Office, was responsible for planning and coordinating the genocidal murder of millions of Jews during World War II.

After the defeat of the Third Reich, he escaped from an American prisoner-of-war camp and hid in Argentina. He started feeling safe there and two years later, he invited his wife and his sons. In March 1960, Mossad agents captured Eichmann and took him to Israel.

Adolf Eichmann was hanged on the basis of a sentence of an Israeli court, which found him guilty of war crimes during World War II. The death sentence for Adolf Eichmann was the only such sentence passed by an Israeli court.