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Polish cities leave lawns to grow

16.07.2019 16:47
Warsaw and Poland’s western city of Poznań have stopped trimming green patches after a scorching heatwave hit the country last month, the Gazeta Wyborcza daily reported on Tuesday.
Photo: pixabay.com
Photo: pixabay.comCC0

At the end of June, parts of Poland saw the mercury hit over 35 degrees Celsius, causing some green areas in the country’s cities to dry up in the sizzling heat.

The daily reported that this is often caused by cities’ efforts to trim urban lawns, which effectively exposes the ground to scorching sunlight.

“Stopping grass-mowing in cities will be necessary because the climate is changing. Droughts will be more intensive,” Gazeta Wyborcza quoted hydrology expert Zbigniew Kundzewicz as saying.

He added that the best way to make sure that water stays in the ground in cities is to let plants grow.


Source: Gazeta Wyborcza