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Massive silver and copper deposits found in Poland: report

21.02.2020 13:05
A mining company has discovered deposits of silver and copper worth an estimated USD 60 billion (EUR 56 bn) in western Poland, private broadcaster TVN24 has reported.
Photo: pexels.com
Photo: pexels.comCC0

“The value of what lies underground is USD 60 billion,” said Stanisław Speczik, CEO of Miedź Copper Corporation, the Canadian company which discovered the lode, cited by TVN24.

The deposits, which lie almost two kilometres underground in the western Lubuskie province, could contribute over PLN 1 billion to Polish state coffers a year, as well as creating 8,600 jobs, Speczik added.

But the company, which plans to start building a mine in 2024-25, might face difficulties in getting the green light from the Polish authorities, according to TVN24.

Under Polish law, natural resources are the property of the state, the broadcaster reported.


Source: TVN24