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Polish President Duda marks Constitution Day

03.05.2022 14:45
President Andrzej Duda has taken part in celebrations to mark Constitution Day, a national holiday in Poland.
Polish President Andrzej Duda makes a speech during state ceremonies at the Polish capitals Castle Square to mark Consitution Day.
Polish President Andrzej Duda makes a speech during state ceremonies at the Polish capital’s Castle Square to mark Consitution Day.Photo: PAP/Mateusz Marek

Celebrations began on Tuesday morning with a religious service at St. John’s Basilica in Warsaw, with the head of state and his wife among those taking part.

Later in the day, during state ceremonies at the Polish capital’s Castle Square, Duda made a speech in which he referred to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Polish President thanked all Poles who opened their homes to Ukrainian refugees fleeing the Russian invasion of their country.

In his speech, Duda said he was convinced that Poles' response to the Russian invasion "paves the way for a completely new chapter in our [Polish-Ukrainian ed.] relations."

On Tuesday, Poland marks Constitution Day, a public holiday when the country celebrates a historic document adopted on 3 May, 1791.

The pioneering 3 May constitution was considered a threat to the European status quo by Russia, Austria and Prussia, especially in the light of the French Revolution, and the Polish reforms hastened the dismemberment of Poland by the aforementioned countries.

Poles proudly point out that the document was the first modern constitution in Europe and the second worldwide, following the American Constitution, which was created in 1787.


Source: PAP