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Head of Polish central bank reiterates opposition to euro adoption

16.08.2022 21:00
Adam Głapiński, the head of the Polish central bank (NBP), has repeated his objections to Poland's entry to the eurozone.
The Head of the NBP: (Polish central bank)
The Head of the NBP: (Polish central bank)AP/Radek Pietruszka

In an interview to be published tomorrow in the pro-government weekly Gazeta Polska, the head of the NBP (Poland's central bank) has reiterated his objections to any possibility of Poland adopting the euro.

In the interview, Głapiński states that euro adoption is not only unpatriotic but is "against Poland's material interest."

Professor Głapiński claims that contrary to the popular opinion that the euro would offer Poland stability, being in the eurozone would hold Poland back from fulfilling its potential. 

Several leading Polish economists have emphasized that Poland does not meet the Maastricht criteria for entry to the eurozone: stability of prices, stable exchange rates and low interest rates.

Sources: PAP, alebank.pl


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