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Which politician would Poles like to spend Christmas with? - Preferably none

25.12.2023 13:15
A new survey suggests that Christmas spirit and politics don't go together well in Poland. 38% of Poles would not like to spend Christmas with any politician. 
Szymon Hołownia with Scouts.
Szymon Hołownia with Scouts. Photo: PAP/Tomasz Gzell

SW Research has carried out a survey revealing a more personal ranking of Polish politicians  - who would Polish people like to spend Christmas with? The agency carried out the  for Rzeczpospolita's online service rp.pl. 

Top of the list, unsurprisingly given his recent rise to fame and popularity, is the Sejm's new Speaker, Szymon Hołownia. But the star of "Sejmflix" can only boast a mere 15.6% of respondents who would like to spend Christmas with him.

For a few years a tercet of politicians has topped popularity rankings, four politicians of a somewhat younger generation, well-dressed, avoiding vulgarity in polemical attacks - Szymon Hołownia, Andrzej Duda, Mateusz Morawiecki and Rafał Trzaskowski. Two each from Law and Justice and the current ruling coalition. 

However, since the 2023 general election, Holownia's star has been rising, Donald Tusk, the new Prime Minister has started to bounce back and Morawiecki and Duda have been falling. 

In the 2023 "Christmas ranking", second place is taken by Andrzej Duda with 9% and third place by Donald Tusk with 7.5%. After them comes Warsaw's Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski with 7.1% and former Prime Minister Morawiecki with 4.4%. The leader of the current opposition Jarosław Kaczyński continues to be a relatively unpopular figure as an individual - with 3.5% of the nation wanting to spend Christmas with him. 

Just before this survey, a more standard survey of trust in political leaders came out, carried out by IBRiS for Onet. Hołownia also topped this list enjoying the trust of 45.6% of respondents. The leader of Polska 2050 also continues to have a small negative electorate: the group of citizens who actively do not trust him is only 31.8%. Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, the leader of Poland's rural-based PSL party, takes second place in this survey and third spot goes to Warsaw's Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski. 

Fourth and fifth places in the ranking are taken by Duda and Tusk respectively. However, both have higher negative electorates than positive.

These rankings are crucial for the decisions of the main parties and candidates as to who will run in the 2025 presidential elections. 

Sources: rp.pl, PAP, Onet.pl