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Poland warns against travel to Mideast

12.04.2024 19:30
Poland has advised its citizens against travel to Israel, the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories and Lebanon amid rising tensions in the Middle East. 
The Polish foreign ministrys building in Warsaw.
The Polish foreign ministry's building in Warsaw.Photo: gov.pl

"It cannot be ruled out that there will be a sudden escalation of military operations, which would cause significant difficulties in leaving these three countries," Poland's foreign ministry said in a statement on Friday.

"Any escalation may lead to significant restrictions in air traffic and the inability to use land border crossings," it cautioned.

US President Joe Biden warned this week that Iran was threatening a “significant attack” on Israel in retaliation for an Israeli attack on an Iranian diplomatic compound in Syria last week that killed three Iranian generals, broadcaster CNN reported.

The United States, Britain and France have issued new travel guidelines for government employees in Israel as the Iranian threat loomed, according to CNN.

Several other countries, including India and Russia, have warned their citizens against travel to the region, the Reuters news agency reported.

The Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories consist of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.


Source: PAP, Reuters, CNN