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Poland’s President urges NATO members to increase defense spending

20.04.2024 11:00
Poland’s president has said that members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, including Canada, must raise defense spending to three percent of GDP to deter Russia’s war in Ukraine from spreading, the media outlets reported. 
Prezydent Andrzej Duda spotkał się z przedstawicielami Polonii w Kanadzie
Prezydent Andrzej Duda spotkał się z przedstawicielami Polonii w KanadzieMarek Borawski/ KPRP/ Twitter/@PrezydentPL

President Andrzej Duda made his statement in Vancouver on Friday during a seminar on transatlantic security during his official visit to Canada. 

In a speech, Duda talked about the need for fellow NATO members to prepare for war, „starting by increasing their defense spending to two to three percent of GDP, continuing to supply Ukraine with weapons, and ramping up the West’s military-industrial capacity,” the Canadian daily Globe and Mail reported.

“Unfortunately, the dark shadow of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine looms, not just over the Transatlantic security, but also over the entire global security system,” the Polish President said.

Poland, neighboring Ukraine, has increased its defense spending to four percent of GDP and has been one of the staunchest supporters and top military aid providers to Ukraine.

According to Duda, the most realistic scenario for Poland’s neighbor to win the war is to ensure its combat capabilities thoughtfully and effectively.

Duda added that Poland believes Russia would „make a move toward the West if Ukraine falls, with the Baltic states and Poland in its immediate path.”

“We have to protect this border not only in our interest but also in the interest according to European obligations”, the Polish leader stated. Andrzej Duda also spoke of Russia’s “imperialist mindset”.

“It has, at its core, permanent expansion of the territory at the cost of its neighbors,” Duda said. “It’s a kind of very brutal, and very intensive colonialism close to its borders.”

The president also noted that the anniversary NATO summit in Washington must demonstrate the Alliance’s readiness for collective defense, while at the same time strengthening relations between NATO and Ukraine, the TVP World broadcaster reported. 

The Polish president is currently on a visit to North America, where he already met with former U.S. President Donald Trump as well as the Polish diaspora in Canada.

According to some estimates, around 20 million Poles live outside their homeland today, with more than a million of them living in Canada.


SOURCE: IAR; TVP World; Globe and Mail Canada