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Ukraine and Poland near completion of ‘ambitious’ bilateral security agreement

15.05.2024 16:30
Ukraine and Poland are finalizing a significant bilateral security agreement aimed at bolstering mutual security and defense cooperation, Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Vasyl Zvarych revealed in an interview with Radio Svoboda.
Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Vasyl Zvarych.
Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Vasyl Zvarych.Photo: PAP/Marek Zakrzewski

According to Zvarych, the draft agreement is currently undergoing interagency approval in Poland and is expected to be presented to the Ukrainian side shortly.

"The Polish side is taking a very serious, thorough approach to the content of this agreement, and I am more than sure that in the near future we will have one more signatory country to such agreements," Zvarych stated, expressing optimism about the progress of the negotiations.

The ambassador highlighted the importance of the agreement, noting that Poland, as Ukraine’s closest neighbor, has already provided substantial military support to Ukraine.

The agreement, described by Zvarych as ambitious, is designed to establish a clear action plan in the event of a direct security threat to either Ukraine or Poland.


Source: Ukrinform, PAP