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Polish public opinion firmly behind EU membership - new poll

22.05.2024 17:30
A new poll commissioned by Wyborcza.pl finds that Poland is still strongly in favour of EU membership. Only the far-right Konfederacja has a majority of EU-sceptics among its electorate.  
Donald Tusk and Ursula von der Leyen.
Donald Tusk and Ursula von der Leyen. Photo: European Union/2023/CC BY 4.0

A new poll, published today in wyborcza.pl and commissioned by them from Opinia24, has found that Poland is still a strong supporter of EU membership. 

  • 72% are in favour of Poland remaining in the EU
  • 12% are in favour of "POLEXIT"
  • 16% are undecided

The referendum which decided Poland's entry had a similar breakdown:

  • Turnout was 58.55%
  • 77.45% said "Yes" to the EU
  • 22.55% said "No"

Poland seems to differ from other countries regarding the impact of age on voting. According to the new survey, the elderly are definitely more pro-European than the young:

  • 77% of those 60+ are pro-remain
  • 69% are pro-remain among the young (18-39)
  • 67% are pro-remain among the middle-aged (40-59)

In the UK, BREXIT was well known to have been a vote of "old people voting and young people suffering the consequences": 

Among the leading political parties there are very sharp differences between their electorates:

  • The ruling coalition partners KO and The Left have almost 100% support for the EU from their electorates
  • The third coalition partner Third Way (centre-right) has a slightly lower level of EU support - 90%  
  • The leading party in the previous ruling coalition - Law and Justice - has a narrow majority of EU supporters among its voters (55% remain, 23% leave)
  • The far-right Konfederacja is overall pro-leave, but still only relatively narrowly: 37% - leave, 29% remain, 34% undecided.

Sources: Wyborcza.pl/Opinia24, X/Channel 4