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‘Better to be in debt than under occupation’: Polish deputy PM

15.06.2022 08:00
Poland’s conservative leader and Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński has vowed that his country will continue to arm itself despite rising prices, amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, saying that it is "better to be in debt than under occupation."
Jarosław Kaczyński.
Jarosław Kaczyński. PAP/Rafał Guz

Kaczyński made the statement in an interview with Polish Radio on Tuesday.

Threat from Russia

He told the Polish public broadcaster that "the threat from Russia started to deepen" after Vladimir Putin came to power in 2000. 

He noted that Putin in 2007 "outlined a plan to resurrect the sphere of influence, or in other words the empire” during a speech in Munich.

“Today we have evidence that for the Russians, large-scale military operations are a normal political method,” Kaczyński said. 

Weapons for Poland

Kaczyński also discussed purchases of new military equipment for Poland in response to the Russian attack on Ukraine. 

He said the war in Ukraine had demonstrated that “armoured weapons are still important."

“And so Poland will be buying tanks and the HIMARS light multiple rocket launchers,” he added.

He told Polish Radio that the plan to buy new military equipment had been drawn up “some time ago, when the cost of credit was very cheap.”

He said: “Today the situation has changed and the whole undertaking is much more difficult than before. But it’s better to be in debt than under occupation."

Poland’s Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak this week announced a plan to order new military hardware for the country.

The plan includes the purchase of 500 HIMARS launchers, as well as minesweepers and multi-role helicopters, among other equipment, the PAP news agency reported.

Wednesday is day 112 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


Source: PAPpolskatimes.pl