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Poland to buy tanks, fighter jets from South Korea: defence minister

22.07.2022 09:00
Poland’s Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak has confirmed that his country will buy tanks and fighter jets from South Korea.
Mariusz Błaszczak.
Mariusz Błaszczak.PAP/Leszek Szymański

Błaszczakwho is also a deputy prime minister, made the statement in an interview with the Sieci weekly, portions of which were published by the wpolityce.pl website on Friday.

He said in the interview that Poland would buy South Korean weaponry, "namely 48 FA-50 light combat aircraft and the K2 tanks," known as the “Black Panthers,” state news agency PAP reported.

“The first batch of 180 tanks will arrive in Poland later this year,” Błaszczak said, adding that "these tanks will eventually be produced domestically."

Błaszczak also said that Polish soldiers would be able to test the new equipment and suggest improvements. 

He described Poland's military cooperation with South Korea as "very good."

“I made a visit to Seoul; President Andrzej Duda spoke to his South Korean counterpart [Yoon Suk-yeol] on the sidelines of the NATO summit; this cooperation is very good,” he declared.


Source: PAPbankier.pl