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Polish security agency raids suspected Russian spies

28.03.2024 14:45
Poland’s Internal Security Agency (ABW) carried out searches in Warsaw and Tychy as part of an investigation into alleged espionage activities on behalf of Russia, an official announced on Thursday.
Photo:PAP/Darek Delmanowicz

The espionage operations reportedly targeted European Union countries and institutions. During the raids, authorities seized EUR 48,500 and USD 36,000, Jacek Dobrzyński, spokesman for the Minister of the Coordinator of Special Services, has revealed. He further disclosed that initial interrogations have taken place, with procedural activities expected to continue in the coming days.

The ABW's actions, commissioned by the prosecutor's office, aimed to investigate influence operations targeting EU states and institutions. This development follows reports from the Czech civilian counterintelligence service, BIS, which uncovered a Russian-organized network attempting to influence European Parliament elections across several countries, including Poland.

"The documented activities aimed to organize pro-Russian initiatives and media campaigns in EU countries, aligning with Kremlin's foreign policy goals, including weakening Poland's international position and discrediting Ukraine and EU institutions," Dobrzyński explained.

As part of these efforts, an international website, voice-of-europe.eu, was launched to disseminate biased, pro-Russian content related to international events, including Russia's conflict with Ukraine.

Dobrzyński also revealed that authorities have uncovered the financing method for these activities and seized various electronic media, including cell phones.

The ABW's actions are linked to a broader investigation, initiated by the Mazovian department of the National Prosecutor's Office, which resulted in the indictment of a Polish citizen accused of spying for Russian special services.


Source: PAP