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Plane of head of Kremlin-linked mercenaries stationed at Berlin airport: report

18.06.2021 14:22
A plane used by the head of Kremlin-linked mercenaries known as the Wagner Group is parked at a Berlin airport, according to news reports.
Image: tprzemPixabay
Image: tprzem/Pixabay Pixabay licence

The plane used by Yevgyeniy Prihozhin is outside a hangar used  by the Beechcraft Berlin Aviation company, according to the Ukrainian pravda.com.ua website, which cited German daily Bild.

Since October 15, 2020, Prihozhin has been on a list of people subjected to US and EU sanctions, according to pravda.com.ua.

That means that he is no longer allowed to enter the EU and his assets must be blocked within the European Union, pravda.com.ua reported.

But his Hawker 800XP plane, worth about EUR 2 million, flew from St. Petersburg to Berlin two weeks after the sanctions took effect and has been at the airport in the German capital ever since, according to pravda.com.ua.

The aircraft was used for flights to Syria, Libya and eight African countries where the Wagner Group, on the orders of Moscow, is conducting destabilizing operations against local authorities or assisting pro-Russian regimes, pravda.com reported.

Source: pravda.com.ua