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'Poland is obliged to secure the Polish-Belarusian border': statement

21.09.2021 11:40
Statement by Stanisław Żaryn, spokesman for Poland’s security services chief:
Photo:PAP/Artur Reszko

"Since the beginning of August, Poland has been experiencing increasing migratory pressure, which is the result of the actions of the Alexander Lukashenka regime. We are dealing with an attempt to use an artificial migration route to destabilize first the Belarusian-Lithuanian, Belarusian-Latvian and now mainly Belarusian-Polish border. Belarusian state structures are involved in bringing migrants to their territory, mainly from the Middle East. More and more often they come to Belarus also from Russia. These activities are systemic and carried out on a large scale. Our findings show that there are at least a dozen thousand migrants brought in by Lukashenka in Belarus. Belarus is looking for new directions from which migrants can be transported to the EU.

Alexander Lukashenka personally announced in several of his speeches that he would launch a migration route as revenge for helping civil society in Belarus. What we are seeing now is the implementation of hostile plans against the European Union, and in particular Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. The operation carried out by Belarus, with Russian approval, aims to destabilize the countries of Central Europe and the entire European Union. Migrants are brutally pushed out of Belarus. They are often convinced that they are crossing the border with Germany.

The possibilities for Russia and Belarus to use the migratory pressure to destabilize Poland are large, therefore the Polish authorities expect that the crisis on the eastern border of Poland may last for many months. We are concerned  about more and more organized and aggressive provocations and incidents aimed at Poland and the officers guarding our border. The Belarusian regime will probably also be more aggressive towards migrants, whom it cynically uses for its political and propaganda purposes. He does not care about their health or life, treating them as a source of income, but above all as a tool of pressuring the West.

Parallel to the migratory pressure, we are also dealing with an information fight against Poland. The Russian and Belarusian media are trying to present the crisis on the border with Poland as a result of the aggressive attitude of the Polish authorities, and also accuse Poland of not having a humanitarian approach to migrants and violating international and national law.

Poland is obliged to secure the Polish-Belarusian border, which is also the external border of the European Union and NATO. The Polish government makes decisions aimed at neutralizing the actions of Belarus and Russia against the European Union.

Stanisław Żaryn

Spokesperson of Minister Secret Services Coordinator"