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French politicians support Poland in row with EU: report

15.10.2021 16:00
Several French politicians from across the spectrum have supported Warsaw in a dispute with Brussels over whether the national constitution has primacy over European Union law, a Polish website has reported.
Valrie Pcresse
Valérie PécresseEPA/IAN LANGSDON

Following last week’s landmark judgement by Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal that parts of EU law are incompatible with the country’s constitution, a number of French presidential hopefuls, from Gaullists to socialists, have voiced their support, the rp.pl website reported.

Most recently, Valérie Pécresse, a key candidate to run for the presidency on behalf of the Gaullist Republican Party, said in a TV interview that “EU treaties cannot trump our constitutional identity, be it French or Polish,” according to the Polish website.

Several other French Republicans, among them Xavier Bertrand and Michel Barnier, the EU’s former Brexit negotiator, have also "echoed the Polish stance," rp.pl said.

It quoted Barnier as saying in a media interview that the national constitution should take precedence.

Meanwhile, socialist contender Arnaud Montebourg has said that “France should follow the path of asserting the primacy of national law,” according to rp.pl.

With the French presidential race heating up, President Emmanuel Macron has said in a press interview that "Europe cannot be a project that solves its problems or disputes through exclusion," rp.pl also reported.


Source: rp.pl