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EU's Michel says Russia behind reports of racial discrimination at Polish-Ukrainian border

07.03.2022 23:15
European Council chief Charles Michel has said that reports about alleged cases of racial discrimination against African students on the Polish-Ukrainian border are Russian propaganda, public broadcaster Polish Radio’s IAR news agency has reported.
Charles Michel

"Russia launched a hostile propaganda campaign trying to spread suspicion and doubts in African countries, when we waged a diplomatic offensive at the United Nations against Russia's invasion of Ukraine," Michel was quoted as saying.

Speaking in a media interview, Michel said that for several days there were long lines at the Polish-Ukrainian border because the Ukrainians wanted to establish the identity of people leaving their country, the IAR news agency reported.

Michel, who visited the Polish-Ukrainian border last week, added that "there was no conscious discrimination" against anyone on either side of the border, according to IAR.


Source: IAR