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"Putin is crazy" - Chinese official

12.01.2023 19:00
Chinese officials have spoken to the Financial Times off the record, expressing their discontent with their "partner" Russia.
Chinese-Russian relations appear to be cooling
Chinese-Russian relations appear to be coolingMIKHAIL METZEL/AFP/East News

Although Presidents Xi and Putin have made public statements as recently as the end of December about "deepening ties" between the two countries, Chinese officials have spoken sceptically this week to the Financial Times about China's relationship with Russia.

Speaking off the record, one official is quoted as saying, "Putin is crazy," and continues, "The invasion decision was made by a very small group of people. China shouldn’t simply follow Russia.”

According to the FT, China is seeking to repair its relations with Europe in particular. China is feeling weaker following its support for Russia and lingering COVID challenges at home.

SKY News, in turn, suggests that Xi will at the very least seek to appear to distance himself from Russia to heal China's global relations.

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