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Ukraine’s army to become most powerful in Europe: Polish ex-president

11.02.2023 15:58
Former Polish head of state Aleksander Kwaśniewski has proclaimed that after the war between Ukraine and Russia ends, the Ukrainian army will become the most experienced and the strongest in the whole of Europe.
Kwaśniewski praised Ukrainian soldiers for their heroism.
Kwaśniewski praised Ukrainian soldiers for their heroism.East News/Tomasz Jastrzebowski

Kwaśniewski, who held the presidency in Poland from 1995 to 2005, views Ukrainian President Zelensky’s recent visits to London, Paris and Brussels as a resounding success and a testament to the international community’s belief that the Russian invasion of Ukraine constitutes a war against the West.

“I am confident that the supplies of heavy weaponry, which Zelensky prioritises, will be expedited. For me, it’s beyond doubt that jets will be delivered soon,” the ex-president remarked.

He lavished praise on Ukrainian soldiers, calling them “excellent warriors”, and stated that so far they have effectively utilised the supplies from the West.

Kwaśniewski believes that, upon the end of the war, Ukraine will emerge as the most formidable and most seasoned army in Europe.

The former president emphasised that Ukraine will definitely become a member of NATO, as “for safety reasons and due to recent events, we need Ukraine.”

Although Kwaśniewski recognises that neither Vladimir Putin nor his potential successor will agree to Ukraine’s membership in the bloc, the Polish ex-president is of an opinion that Russia must conclude the war in a weakened state, rendering it devoid of any influence on the matter.


Source: Rzeczpospolita