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Ukrainian civilians in Kharkiv suffering due to lack of air defences

13.04.2024 08:00
Reuters has published a report directly connecting Russian attacks on Kharkiv and Ukraine's limited capacity to defend itself from the air to delays in western funding. Especially hard hit is the north eastern city of Kharkiv only 30km from the Russian border.  
Destroyed Kharkiv apartment building following Russian shelling.
Destroyed Kharkiv apartment building following Russian shelling. Photo: Kharkivian (Serhii Petrov) / Wikimedia Commons. License CC BY-SA 4.0.Фото: Kharkivia

The new report from Reuters begins with an account of the death of a postman doing his rounds from a Russian bomb, but goes on to say this is due to limits on Ukrainian defences in turn caused by delays in western financing. 

Kharkiv is a mere 30 km from the Russian border, making it particularly vulnerable to the latest wave of intensified Russian attacks. 

The report explains that not only is the time from launch to strike of a Russian missile a mere minute, Ukraine has limited capacity to use top quality Patriot systems as these are priority targets for Russia, easier to hit near the border. 

The Institute for the Study of War reported Zelensky's appeal in detail:

NATO's Jens Stoltenberg confirmed that Ukraine simply cannot wait for air-defence support:

Reuters also reports that the war is turning in Russia's favour in the current intensified bombing campaign. 

Russia denies that it has been targeting civilians, claiming it was seeking to destroy energy infrastructure in Kharkiv, a legitimate target, according to Russia. 

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