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Belarusian military near Polish border put on standby

21.05.2024 10:00
A Belarusian tactical group from the 6th Mechanized Brigade has been put on alert and dispatched from Grodno to perform field tasks, according to the country's defense ministry.
Illustrative photo.
Illustrative photo.EPA/YURI KOCHETKOV

The brigade's troops have left Grodno to undertake engineering work at unspecified positions in the field. The Belarusian defense ministry did not disclose the exact location of the unit, but emphasized that the operation is within the scope of combat readiness control, as reported by Polish Radio's IAR news agency.

Since the onset of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the Belarusian armed forces have conducted regular military exercises, especially near the borders with Poland and Lithuania. These exercises are primarily offensive and sometimes include scenarios involving the imposition of martial law.

In March, the 115th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment of the Belarusian army conducted tactical exercises at the "Brest" training ground, located near the Polish border, where soldiers engaged in firing practice targets under conditions simulating real combat. The defense ministry noted that these units are incorporating the experiences of the Russian army in Ukraine into their training.


Source: IAR