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Expert warns of Russian hostility directed at Poland

29.03.2024 10:30
Russian President Vladimir Putin strategically chose Poland as a key target for hostility and animosity cultivated by Russia against Western countries, a Polish expert has said.
Vladimir Putin.
Vladimir Putin.Photo: Shutterstock/Asatur Yesayants

During a discussion on private broadcaster Polsat News' program "Better Poland," security expert Piotr Grochmalski, renowned for his expertise in strategic threats to Poland's security, said that "in 2004, Putin designated Poland as a key country in the dimension of hatred and hostility to be built up in Russia against Western countries."

He attributed the ongoing conflict in Ukraine to a “misguided strategy” pursued by Western countries, posing a strategic threat to Europe and Poland.

"The Russians are being taught to hate Poland. This is very similar to what the Russians did to the Ukrainians," he warned.

The discussion also addressed a recent incident involving a Russian missile violating Polish airspace, with Grochmalski calling the incident a part of Russia's strategy to demonstrate its capability to use NATO space for attacking Ukrainian targets. He emphasized that Russia engages in warfare not only in physical domains but also in informational and psychological realms, aiming to achieve victory without kinetic strikes.


Source: Polsat News