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Netherlands losing popularity among Polish workers: report

14.09.2019 11:00
The Netherlands are losing their appeal as a work destination for Polish migrants, a Polish news website has reported.
Pixabay.comLife-Of-Pix/CC0 Creative Commons

The fact that the Netherlands is becoming too expensive for Poles to make ends meet prompts many to return, website Money.pl said, citing Dutch media such as De Telegraaf and recruitment companies.

One recruiter in a Dutch employment office quoted by the website said, “The Netherlands is becoming more and more expensive every month.”

He added: “Prices are rising very fast – across the board. Food is the most expensive. Many of the people I recruited returned to Poland because of their low wages.”

Niedziela.nl, a popular job posting site among Poles in the Netherlands, features almost 22,000 job offers many of which have remained online for several months due to a lack of interest, Money.pl reported.

Another recruiter cited by the website said that the slow pace of salary growth in the Netherlands is another reason for the trend.

He said: “A lot has changed in Poland over the decade, while [in the Netherlands] things have remained at a similar level for years.”

Recruitment company NL Jobs said, however, that seasonal work in the country is still profitable for Poles. A company representative said that gardening work, for example, may yield as much as EUR 250-260 per week. He added that it is still an attractive salary for Poles, especially when the exchange rate of the euro is high.


Source: Money.pl