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Central bank head: ‘Euro adoption could be considered by Poland within 8-10 years’

11.11.2023 09:33
Poland may start discussing the adoption of the euro not earlier than in eight to ten years, President of Poland’s central bank (NBP) Adam Glapiński told a press conference on Friday.
GlapińskiPAP/ Tomasz Gzell

"The debate on Poland's entry into the eurozone may begin in eight to ten years at the earliest when Poland reaches the level of development in Western countries," Adam Glapinski, president of Poland's central bank told a Friday press conference.

Under its accession treaty with the EU, Poland is formally committed to adopting the euro, but no date has ever been set for when the common European currency should replace the Polish złoty, Poland’s TVP World reports.

Glapinski, who was re-elected in May 2022 for a second six-year term of office, has long opposed the euro. He has said on several occasions he will not allow the country to join the eurozone while in his current job, thefirstnews.com reports. The president of Poland's central bank had even warned that ‘Adopting the euro in Poland would be deeply harmful and result in a "radical drop" in the rate of GDP growth’.


SOURCE: thefirstnews.com, TVP World,