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Kosovo achieves significant progress, opening new business opportunities with Poland

09.07.2024 18:00
Over the past two decades, Kosovo has achieved significant economic and social progress, according to an OECD study.
Beata Jaczewska speaking during the 1st Kosovo-Poland Business Meeting in Warsaw.
Beata Jaczewska speaking during the 1st Kosovo-Poland Business Meeting in Warsaw. Photo: Radio Poland

The Balkan country has made advancements across 12 of the 15 policy dimensions, with the strongest score increases in investment policy and promotion, as well as agriculture and tourism policies - according to the fourth edition of the document looking at the competitiveness of the region.

"Kosovo is a new and ambitious country and there are so many entrepreneurs with so many ideas that are so similar to the Polish entrepreneurs who are known all over the world for their creativity, commitment and hard work.  I believe this is a natural potential for business ties that companies may start here at then continue," Beata Jaczewska, Head of the Economic Cooperation Department at the Polish Foreign Ministry told Radio Poland's Danuta Isler following her presentation at the 1st Kosovo-Poland Business Meeting organized at the Kosovo Embassy in Warsaw at the end of June.  

"Experts from OECD have assessed the potential in concrete sectors and from what's very important for the ministry of foreign affairs to promote, these are the technologies and new businesses related to so-called green transformation as well as all the things that are connected to all the dimensions of security are also important for both countries" Jaczewska added.

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