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Polish fuel maker says its refinery in Lithuania has new rail link to Ukraine

30.12.2020 14:15
Polish fuel maker PKN Orlen says its oil refinery in Mažeikiai, north-western Lithuania, has a new rail connection to Ukraine via neighboring Poland.
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The Polish state-owned refiner said on Wednesday the new route was alternative to one passing through Belarus.

PKN Orlen said in an announcement that the first shipment of petroleum products from the Mažeikiai refinery through the new route had already reached customers in Ukraine.

The company noted that it earlier this year reopened a rail link that was dismantled in 2008 from Mažeikiai to Reņģe in Latvia.

The Mažeikiai refinery, operated by the Polish fuel producer’s Lithuanian subsidiary, Orlen Lietuva, ensures the supply of petroleum products to the Baltic states, Ukraine and Poland, PKN Orlen also said in its statement.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in 2018 that the Polish-owned oil refinery in Lithuania was a key contributor to the region’s energy security amid belligerent policies from Russia.


Source: energetyka24.com, PAP, orlen.pl