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Polish state-run firms ready to help rebuild Ukraine: deputy PM

05.10.2022 07:30
A Polish deputy prime minister has said that the government in Kyiv would welcome the participation of Polish state-owned companies in the postwar reconstruction of Ukraine. 
Jacek Sasin.
Jacek Sasin.PAP/Paweł Supernak

Jacek Sasin made the statement in an interview with Polish state news agency PAP.

The deputy prime minister, who also serves as minister for state assets, said: “The Ukrainian side … would welcome the participation of Polish companies, backed by the Polish government, in the reconstruction of its country.”

Sasin added: “For them, it’s an additional guarantee that the process will proceed smoothly. For our part, we would also very much like the Ukrainian economy to return to full fitness as quickly as possible after the war.” 

Poland’s state-controlled Bank Pekao SA on Tuesday published a report on the postwar rebuilding of Ukraine, entitled The Biggest Reconstruction in Modern Europe, the PAP news agency reported.

USD 750 bn needed to rebuild Ukraine

According to the study, the reconstruction of Ukraine will cost an estimated USD 750 billion. 

This is because the country’s direct war damage had totalled USD 115 billion by September, coupled with the loss of at least 5 million jobs and a 30-45-percent drop in GDP, analysts said.

According to Bank Pekao SA, it will take almost USD 200 billion to reconstruct and modernise destroyed or damaged buildings; a further USD 480 billion to reconstruct and modernise the economy; and USD 70 billion to demine Ukraine. 

Sasin told PAP that the study “also represents an offer by the Polish business community, detailing the potential and know-how of Poland’s state-owned companies that can be useful in the reconstruction.”

He added: “We would like the report to serve as the basis for further discussion with our friends from Ukraine on the participation of Polish firms, not just state-owned but also private firms, in raising their country from wartime destruction.”

“The Ukrainian side is open to our proposal,” Sasin added.

According to the Bank Pekao SA report, Poland’s gains from helping rebuild Ukraine would be spread over at least a decade and could total 3.6-3.8 percent of GDP, the PAP news agency reported. 

Wednesday is day 224 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


Source: PAP, dziennik.pl