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More victims on Polish roads: police stats

16.01.2020 08:30
In 2019, 2,905 people died on Polish roads, 44 more than in the previous year, according to police statistics.
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Radosław Kobryś, from the police HQ road traffic office said: “Last year, on average, someone lost their life in one in ten accidents.”

Kobryś said that “the main reason for the high mortality is excessive speed.”

He added: “Outside cities, drivers drive faster, and in case of a collision, the higher the speed, the more tragic the consequences.”

According to police data, last year there were 31,674 accidents – 1,400 less than in the previous year. Also, the number of injured dropped by 1,900.

Maria Dąbrowska-Loranc from the Road Safety Centre of the Motor Transport Institute said: “According to the Institute's research, as much as 75 percent of drivers exceed the permitted speed limits.”

Dąbrowska-Loranc added: “The research also showed that 58 percent of drivers exceed the speed limits on motorways, and as much as 84 percent, driving through villages and small towns.”


Source: Rzeczpospolita