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Police search for mountain lion and owner

11.07.2020 13:03
Puma owner absconds to stop pet from being confiscated

 Katowice police are searching for the owner of a mountain lion who absconded with his pet after a court ruled that the animal was to be confiscated and removed to the Zoological Garden in Poznań.

 According to commercial television TVN24, the man had bought a puma cub some years ago in the Czech Republic and raised it at home.

 This is against legal regulations in Poland which forbid keeping dangerous animals as pets. Despite several court rulings he refused to give up the animal.

 This Friday, police and zoo officials arrived at his house to collect the animal, however the man managed to escape with the puma, which he had on a leash, to a forest near the locality of Ogrodzieniec. Police have involved a helicopter in their searches for the escapees. Meanwhile, informs TVN24, the man published a film on social media of himself with the puma, captioned "safe".

Source: IAR/TVN24