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Poland changes rules to avoid waste of COVID shots

20.04.2021 08:05
Younger Poles will be able to jump the queue for anti-COVID shots if there is a risk that a vaccine would otherwise be wasted, a senior official has said.
Photo: Angelo Esslinger
Photo: Angelo Esslinger Pixabay licence

The rules on giving out shots are expected to be changed on Tuesday.

Healthcare workers were first in line to be inoculated in Poland, followed by nursing home residents. Priority has also been given to older people.

The Polish prime minister's top aide, Michał Dworczyk, who is spearheading the country's COVID-19 inoculation campaign, said: “We are now loosening (the rules) because we are at a stage in the vaccination process in which we have to respond to the current situation, adapting to the current possibilities in terms of access and the number of vaccines.”

Poland has stepped up its inoculation campaign amid an increase in supplies of COVID shots. A pilot network of 16 mass vaccination centres, with one in each province, was launched on Monday.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced the same day that by May 10, all adult Poles would be given an opportunity to schedule an appointment to receive a vaccine.

He added that the government aimed to inoculate all those who want to have a vaccine by August.

Nearly 8.9 million COVID-19 shots have been administered in Poland so far, officials announced on Monday, adding that a total of 9,811 doses have been wasted in the rollout.


Source: PAP