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Polish diplomat evacuated from India

25.04.2021 22:23
A Polish diplomat suffering from COVID 19 was evacuated from India, together with his wife and four children, aboard a special plane on Sunday.
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The diplomat was immediately taken to an infectious diseases hospital in the Polish capital, while his family  were transported to the Warsaw Interior Ministry Hospital.

“The family is to be tested for the Indian variant of the coronavirus” said Dr. Artur Zaczyński, from the Interior Ministry Hospital, adding that the diplomat’s wife, who is expecting a child, needs special gynecological care. Zaczynski said that the evacuation was necessary since the diplomat was in a very serious condition and needed hospitalization. Since there was no possibility to ensure hospital help in India, an immediate decision was taken to transport the diplomat and his family to Poland.

The evacuation, coordinated by Poland’s Government Security Centre, was conducted in line with all safety procedures and with medical personnel on board the plane.

The situation in India is extremely serious. On Sunday the country recorded almost 350,000 new infections and 2,767 deaths. The surge in cases has led to a blockage of medical care in India. There is lack of both oxygen for patients and hospital beds for the newly infected.

The new “double mutant” variant of the coronavirus detected in India has not as yet been proven to be more infectious or resistant to vaccines. It is however spreading rapidly in India causing an overload in the health care system. Cases of the Indian mutation have already been recorded in several European countries as well as in the US and Australia.

Source PAP