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Polish restaurants to be added to Michelin Guide

24.03.2023 17:00
Restaurants in Polish cities such as Warsaw, Kraków and Poznań will be added to the prestigious Michelin Guide, an international dining compendium that ranks eateries around the world, officials have said. 
Photo:Polish Tourism Organisation

The inclusion of Polish cities in the Michelin Guide was announced by the Polish Tourism Organisation (POT) on Thursday.    

Under the agreement, the guide will initially list restaurants in the capital Warsaw, the historic southern city of Kraków and Poznań in the west, as well as surrounding areas, according to the Polish state tourism promotion agency.

More regions will be added in the coming years, officials said.

‘Elite group of restaurants

Michelin inspectors are "already touring the Warsaw, Kraków and Poznań areas" to assess and rate local eateries, officials told reporters.

Michelin says it rates restaurants according to five criteria: quality of products; mastery of flavour and cooking techniques; the personality of the chef represented in the dining experience; harmony of the flavours; and consistency between inspectors’ visits.

The Polish Tourism Organisation said in a statement: “This is a big opportunity for the whole gastronomic sector in Poland’s biggest cities to showcase its potential and join an elite group of restaurants that guarantee the highest culinary experience.”

In June, Michelin is expected to award its stars, as well as nods for value and affordability (Bib Gourmands) to the best eateries in the Warsaw, Kraków and Poznań areas, officials announced.   

'Rich culinary traditions'   

Andrzej Gut-Mostowy, a Polish government official in charge of efforts to promoting the country as a brand, said that Poland would be "included in the famed Michelin gustatory guide for the first time in its history."  

He stressed Poland's "rich culinary traditions" and added that the project "will support the growth of culinary tourism from abroad.”

‘Authentic local experience

Gut-Mostowy also said that “there is growing interest worldwide in gastronomic travel,” especially among “people who seek authentic local experience.”

He stated: “There is no doubt that Poland, renowned for its hospitality, guarantees sophisticated culinary experiences.”  


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