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Education Minister with initiative to reduce number of class hours

30.03.2023 13:45
Przemysław Czarnek, the Minister of Education and Science, has said that school students spend too much time on "rote learning" and need time to develop soft skills.
Minister of Education and Science Przemysław Czarnek
Minister of Education and Science Przemysław Czarnek PAP/Karol Zienkiewicz

The Minister of Education and Science, Przemysław Czarnek, in an interview with the Polish Press Agency (PAP) has outlined plans to reduce the amount of class time and tests school children currently have.

This is an initiative with a broad measure of public support, in contrast to other initatives of Minister Czarnek. The new subject being taught in Polish schools "History and the Present" ("HiT"), one of Czarnek's flagship projects, has been frequently criticised as ideological and the education reform backed by Czarnek (popularly known as "Lex Czarnek 1.0 and 2.0") has been twice vetoed by President Andrzej Duda.

In the interview, Czarnek justifies a reduction in class hours, arguing that children need more time to develop "soft skills". He also seemed to distance himself from a direct role in preparing the changes, saying that "experts" would prepare the changes, "in close cooperation with the Examinations Board."

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